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What Makes a Durable Mattress

Why do so many mattresses take a body impression or form a gully where you sleep?

Simple answer: cheap materials. 

What is a durable mattress?

A durable mattress is one that lasts for years without any dips and sags. It should offer both pressure point relief and sturdy support.

Most consumers are unaware of what goes into a mattress and what are considered durable, quality materials.

It’s easy to make something last a long time if it’s hard. An asphalt mattress would last 1000 years; a cloud mattress wouldn’t last 10 seconds. The challenge is: how does a manufacturer make something soft and supportive that is also durable?

Manufacturers have been incredibly successful at hiding what actually goes into a mattress. Clever marketing has manipulated buyers into believing that price has a relationship to quality but that’s not always the case.

Mattress Durability & Foam Density

Even in the alternative mattress industry, many kinds of memory foam and latex (which is also in the foam category) are simply not made with durable materials.

One measure of foam’s durability is its density. Typical synthetic latex blends vary in density from about 1 pound/cubic foot to about 2.5 pounds per cubic foot. Memory foam varies from about 3.0 pounds to about 7.0 pounds.  Bigger numbers mean more durability; lower density generally means lower quality and less durability.

Other than foam density, however, there is no widely recognized or standardized test that measures the durability of mattress materials.

How long should my mattress last?

The life of a mattress depends on what it’s made of…

  • Memory Foam mattress: Memory foam mattresses are not the most durable when compared to other mattress materials. It isn’t uncommon for a memory foam mattress to only last 3-5 years, though some will last longer.
  • Innerspring mattress: These mattresses are typically pretty durable (depending on what the comfort layer is made of) and should last several years. 
  • Natural Latex mattress: Natural latex mattresses typically have a longer warranty. They can last anywhere from 10-20 years. The key to extending the life of your mattress is choosing a density that supports your weight and sleeping position.

Natural Latex Mattresses

Some of the most durable mattresses on the market are natural latex mattresses.

Unlike memory foam, natural latex does not retain body heat so it won’t make you sleep hot and it is less likely to have issues bouncing back over time. It is the chemical reaction between your body heat and the memory foam that allows your body to gently conform to the mattress but memory foam is notorious for eventual dips and sags.

Not only is opting for a natural latex mattress better for your overall health but it’s also a mattress that is designed to last for years.

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