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The Story Behind Your Savvy Rest Organic Mattress

Have you thought about how a Savvy Rest organic mattress is made? It shows up at your door packed in boxes but there’s a story behind that comfortable mattress. Before that mattress was at your door, it was shipped from our warehouse in Crozet, Virginia. But before it could be shipped, the latex and casing needed to be inspected to make sure it met our high standards.

A lot of hard work and skill goes into creating our luxurious natural mattresses. Keep reading to hear the story behind those layers of latex.

Rubber Tree Sap

It all starts with the rubber tree. Farmers wake up early in the morning to begin the process of tapping the rubber tree in order to extract the tree sap. This is done by creating a slanted opening in the bark which allows the white serum to trickle out of the tree. This serum is the very basis of your Savvy Rest organic mattress.

Natural Latex Layers

The rubber tree sap cannot turn into cozy latex layers on its own though! It needs a little help.

We offer two types of natural latex in our mattresses: Dunlop and Talalay. Both start off with the same manufacturing process of whipping the serum into a froth. However, before Talalay is baked, it is first vacuum-sealed and flash-frozen. This ensures an even consistency throughout the entire layer of latex. These extra steps also make Talalay slightly more expensive than Dunlop.

All natural latex needs sulfur and zinc oxide in order to bake. If you were to simply bake the serum in the oven without any additives, it would stay as a liquid and not transition into solid layers. These curing agents make up about 3-5% of the total latex layer. They are non-toxic and meet the requirements of Greenguard GOLD.

At the Warehouse

So, what happens once the latex arrives at our warehouse?

The latex is cut to the appropriate size and then inspected to make sure there are no air bubbles or imperfections that would compromise the feel of the layer. Natural variations such as slight discolorations or small tears are very normal and do not affect the integrity of the latex or the overall comfort of your mattress.

Once the latex passes inspection, it is rolled and then placed in a Savvy Rest box. Our mattresses are shipped in multiple boxes. For example, a Queen Serenity mattress is shipped in three boxes. Each box contains a rolled up layer of latex (or two half layers, depending on what you ordered). One of the boxes will also contain our organic mattress casing made of certified organic cotton and certified organic wool, a natural flame barrier.

These boxes are then shipped to their new homes via FedEx!

Mattress Assembly

Assembling your Savvy Rest mattress is easy! Watch the video below for a quick tutorial and then you’ll be all ready to enjoy your new sleep oasis.

Savvy Rest Layered Mattress Assembly

Need some help assembling your Savvy Rest layered mattress? Dominick and Windy demonstate on a Serenity mattress.
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