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What is a Split Mattress?

Considering an adjustable bed? That means you need a mattress designed for an adjustable frame. A traditional mattress won’t allow for you to move independently on your side of the bed, so you need something with separation.

Learn what your options are and which mattress we recommend!

What is a split mattress?

A split mattress has separation (whether only on top, only on the bottom, or throughout the entire mattress), while a regular mattress is totally connected.

Let’s say you just found the best split king adjustable bed and you need a mattress. You can purchase two Twin XL mattresses and place those on the frame, allowing you total control over your side of the bed. Or, you can choose a King split top mattress which allows for separation at the top. You still have the freedom to prop yourself up without your partner being affected, but you also don’t need a second mattress.

Is there a difference between split head & split mattresses?

A split head mattress is the same as a split top mattress in the sense that there is a split that starts from the top of the mattress and ends about halfway down.

However, an actual split mattress is two separate mattresses, such as putting two Twin XL mattresses in a King bed frame. The mattresses are independent from one another but are placed in the same frame.

Savvy Rest split top mattress

Who is a split mattress for?

A split mattress is for anyone who has an adjustable frame.

Adjustable beds have incredible benefits. They allow you to better control your sleep position, angle, and elevation, which can then improve circulation, aid in pressure point relief, ease back discomfort, decrease digestive issues, alleviate swelling, minimize snoring, and more.

What size split top mattress should I get? 

You’ve decided that you want one mattress with just a split in the top half (a split top mattress). However, you’re stuck on the size.

Well, that’s a personal preference! Adjustable frames typically only come in Queen, King, and CA King. If you like being super cozy, opt for the Queen frame & mattress. But if you want more space, a King is the most popular choice.

Which split top mattress should I buy? 

We always recommend a split top latex mattress that is made of organic and natural materials to avoid breathing in harmful chemicals.

Savvy Rest offers a split top mattress that includes a 32” split from the top. It is also completely customizable so your firmness can differ from your partner’s side of the bed.

Happy shopping!

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