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Why Choose a Hemp Sofa?

Furniture pieces are always a big purchase, and not just financially. You want to find something that speaks to your style, is high-quality, and will last for years.

When looking at fabrics, hemp is a wonderful option.

Keep reading to learn more about one of our favorite materials.

What is a hemp sofa?

A hemp sofa is a sofa that includes hemp upholstery rather than cotton, leather, or polyester.

Why hemp?

Organic hemp is a sturdy, durable material that can take a little extra wear and tear. Hemp is thicker than traditional cotton and has more texture.

A hemp couch is a particularly great option for families who are looking for furniture that can handle a lot of use.

Hemp is also an incredibly sustainable resource since it’s a natural product rather than something synthetic or chemically-treated. It’s also vegan for those who want to avoid leather!

Our certified organic hemp

The hemp in our organic sofas, loveseats, and armchairs is GOTS-certified organic and available in several color options.

Alternative materials

Savvy Rest furniture is also available in GOTS-certified organic cotton and a GOTS-certified organic hemp/cotton blend.

The cotton fabric has 16 color options while the blend has five. These two fabrics are also at the same price point while the organic hemp is slightly more expensive.

See the options in person. Order a fabric swatch.

Start shopping

Our natural furniture pieces will make a great addition to your living room.

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Organic fabrics and zero toxic flame retardants. This two-seater is perfect for any room.

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