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A Customer Story

When Molly R. turned to Savvy Rest looking for a non-toxic mattress for her young daughter, she found that the mattress alleviated symptoms of her fibromyalgia, and subsequently improved her sleep. Here she tells her story, in her words.

Video Transcription

Diane: I’m here with Molly and Emma from Olathe, Kansas. Molly bought two Serenity mattresses—one for her daughter Emma, and another one for herself and her husband Brad. Molly, can you tell us why you were in the market for an organic mattress?

Molly: Yeah. Emma started crawling out of her crib at about 22 months and we knew we had to find her a mattress fast. And I’ve been doing a lot of research and had just kind of found—to my surprise—how many chemicals are in mattresses today…flame retardants and the cotton—the chemicals they treat it with…I just didn’t want our little girl sleeping on that. They sleep in their bed 14-16 hours a day sometime and, you know, you just try to limit that exposure.

So I had done a lot of research and I found out about latex mattresses. And I was excited to find that Eagles’ Rest—your store—is right in our backyard in Lawrence. I convinced my husband to come over to your store and check out what you guys had over there.

Diane: And so you got there, what made you decide that you needed one too?

Molly: Yeah, we were not in the market for our new bed. We wanted to be, but once we came into your store and laid down on the mattress it felt like heaven to us. And I have fibromyalgia which is a condition where your muscles and your joints just kind of ache a lot. And I would wake up off of our coil mattress just sore—kind of like I’d been in a car accident. My body just felt stiff all the time, and when I laid down on the Serenity mattress it was just like a cocoon—like I didn’t have the pressure points that I had on the current mattress.

I had to convince my husband a little bit! But when he laid down on it he really liked it as well.

Diane: So how has your sleep changed?

Molly: It’s really improved a lot. I don’t toss and turn like I used to. When I just lay down there’s just a relief. It just feels like a cushion kind of envelops you. But at the same time it’s firm and supportive.

Diane: Yeah, we customized it for you. You have two layers of Soft Talalay right?

Molly: Yes, my side is the nice soft cushiony side, and even Brad’s side feels cushiony to lay on, but he needed a little bit more support for his back.

Diane: He got a Soft, Medium, Firm just Dunlop, right?

Molly: Yeah. He stays on his side and I stay on my side, and the great benefit to that customizing is that it doesn’t transfer motion. So if I do toss or turn, or he does, we’re not disturbing each other, and we don’t wake each other up.

Diane: So you’re sleeping a lot better now?

Molly: A lot better! I just feel a lot more rested. And we just appreciate your help. We spent, I think, two hours the first time we came into your store…definitely different then the chain stores where they are just telling you whatever just to get you to buy a mattress. And I told you my health concerns and you were really open and really went the extra mile to help us find what we needed. So I really appreciate and recommend anybody else coming into your store.

Diane: Thank you for that plug for Eagles Rest, in Lawrence, Kansas!

Molly: It’s a great, great store. And Emma sleeps a whole lot better in her bed. The first night we got it she slept 12 hours straight.

Diane: She looks pretty comfortable right now.

Molly: She loves our bed, she loves to get on it, and watch her little show. But, yeah, she loves it!

Diane: Thank you so much Molly.

Molly: Thank you.

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