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How to Exchange Your Latex

Video Transcription

Dominick: Hi, my name is Dominick. Today I’m here to talk to you about Savvy Rest’s 90-day comfort exchange policy. You may already be familiar with it if you’ve purchased one of our organic latex mattresses. I’ll also be showing you how to properly pack a latex layer that you wish to return to us, so definitely stick around for that.

At Savvy Rest, we offer a latex exchange policy if you need to adjust the comfort of your mattress.We offer this because we want to ensure that our customers will be very happy and comfortable with their mattress. After all, an organic latex mattress is an investment which you should enjoy for years to come.

So, you have 90 days to make a change to how your mattress feels. Want to switch out a Soft Talalay for a Medium Talalay? We can do that. Want to change from Dunlop to Talalay? We’re happy to do that as well. 

Once you order your new latex layer, we will ship it to you with a return FedEx shipping label which you will use when you’re ready to return your old layer. Now, once you get the new layer, feel free to sleep on it for a few nights and really listen to your body. You have 30 days to return a layer to us, so take your time. There’s no rush. 

Now, unless you’re upgrading from Dunlop to Talalay, there won’t be a charge for the latex itself, but we do ask that you pay the round-trip shipping. And speaking of shipping, let me show you how to pack a layer of latex.

Once you’re ready to pack up your latex layer, you’ll be using the same box and bag that the new layer came in. First, tape the flaps of the box out of the way so they don’t interfere with packing the latex. Next, take the bag and drape it over the outside of the box. Now, if you have a solid layer of latex, fold it in half then roll—as tightly as you can—like a sleeping bag. Now we’re going to drop the layer into the box on top of the bag so the weight of the layer will pull the bag all the way in. Cut your flaps free and tape up the box. And once you’ve done that, use the FedEx label we provided to ship the box back to us. Simply tape it on the outside of the box and call FedEx. They’ll come to pick it up the following business day.

You’re all done! If you’ve purchased from one of our dealers, be sure to contact them when requesting a latex exchange, as they’ll have all the information necessary to help you out.

Thanks for watching the video. We hope you found it helpful, and sleep well tonight.

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