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Layering Your Organic Mattress

Savvy Rest layered mattresses can be customized using Soft, Medium or Firm Dunlop and/or Talalay natural latex. Here are some popular combinations, both with and without our organic mattress toppers.

Video Transcription

At Savvy Rest we make mattresses of the purest natural and organic materials available. We believe that off-gassing chemicals and pesticide residues do not belong in bed with you—or with any member of your family. So we use certified natural materials including natural latex foam, organic cotton, and organic wool.

But pure and natural isn’t enough, your comfort is critical. So our customizable mattresses are designed in layers which allow extremely personalized comfort for every individual sleeper—even on each side, for couples.

How does it work? Inside the organic casing, your choices of up to four Soft, Medium, or Firm layers of natural latex can create the perfect Savvy Rest for your body. Because we offer two types of natural latex—the denser Dunlop and the softer Talalay—there are many layer combinations you can choose.

Now lets look at some popular layer configurations. One of these is probably just right for you.

This combo is comfortable for many body types. It’s a popular choice for guest beds, and an adaptable configuration for a growing child. The top two layers can be reversed for a firmer feel.

On the left, soft layering offers a cradling feeling. On the right, people with nerve-related back pain may need very firm support. For a little more yield, you can try Medium over Medium over Firm.

Many couples love the luxury of Soft Talalay. On the left, this top transitions gently down to Soft Dunlop. On the right, with a denser core, a larger person can also benefit from both types of latex.

Talalay layers can ease stiffness and relieve chronic pain. On the left, this one is great for petite to average sleepers who love a bed that nearly hugs you back, but folks over 160 pounds will need more density. On the right, here you have stable core support topped with just enough pressure-relief.

For people who sleep hot or those who prefer just a hint of “pillowy,” the Savvy Woolsy topper is very comforting. Here, luxurious Medium Talalay is responsive but not too “sinky” while it transitions your weight to the denser Dunlop below.

The Harmony topper creates a more embracing feel. Soft Talalay is the plushest Harmony, and Soft Dunlop would make it a bit firmer. A Harmony can top any configuration. Here, Talalay is layered over a stable core.

We’ll work with you until your Savvy Rest mattress is just right, and you can finally enjoy the sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

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