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Savvy Rest Mattress Assembly

Need some help assembling your Savvy Rest layered mattress? Dominick and Windy demonstrate on a Serenity mattress.

Video Transcription

Dominick: Hi, my name is Dominick.

Windy: And I’m Windy.

D: What are we going to do today, Windy?

W: We’re going to learn about beds!

D: We’re going to learn about beds. Specifically, we’re going to learn how to assemble a Savvy Rest organic mattress.

Remember that a natural latex mattress performs best on a flat, rigid surface. So today we’re going to set it up on a platform bed, but you can also set it up on a foundation.

W: If you ordered a Tranquility mattress, it will arrive in two large boxes. If you ordered a Serenity, it will arrive in three.

D: The top of the boxes will be marked with what’s inside. Split or solid. Firm, Medium, or Soft. Dunlop or Talalay. Locate the box that has the casing and open that one first.

Lay your casing out on your platform with the quilted side facing up, and the zippered tab at the foot of the bed. And then unzip the top, and remove.

W: Locate the box with your bottom layer or layers. Open it. Tip the box onto the bed—this is easier than trying to pull the contents out yourself.

D: Then remove the latex from the bag, and fit the corners of the latex into the corners of the casing.

W: Shake the latex into place with a gentle wave motion.

D: And remember to grip the latex gently, because too much pressure will cause it to tear.

Your layers will be labeled indicating whether they are Firm, Medium, or Soft, and Dunlop or Talalay…just look for the stickers. Now unpack and layout your remaining layers.

Lay the top of your casing on the latex, and then zip it up. It’s designed to be tight, so don’t be surprised if you have to push latex in with your hand as you’re zipping along.

And there you have it!

W: Recycle your bags and boxes, and sleep well tonight!

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