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Why Latex is the Best Foam

Natural latex is the most healthful foam in existence. It’s also exquisitely comfortable, breathable and very durable. True natural latex foam has a higher rubber content than synthetic knockoffs or part-rubber “hybrid” foams. Synthetic latex and cheap blends have unknown chemical fillers and, like memory foam, are usually polyurethane based. Most memory foams, while initially comfortable, are not as responsive as natural latex, tend to lose supportiveness fairly quickly, and are notorious for trapping heat.

After the latex is harvested, it’s whipped into foam in a centrifuge and poured into a mold where the steam-baking process begins. What emerges is giant sheets of latex foam in a variety of densities.

Customizable comfort

Savvy Rest’s flagship mattress, the Serenity, contains three layers of all-natural latex. Each layer can be Soft, Medium, or Firm. This allows you (and your partner) to choose a perfectly personalized combination of Dunlop and Talalay latex.

Natural materials, healthier foam

Most mattresses contain cheap foams that compromise health and quality. Conventional mattress foams and treated fabrics contain flame retardants or other toxic chemicals which offgas into the air, degrade into microscopic dust and can be inhaled. Close, consistent contact with conventional mattresses (6-10 hours nightly) adds up to significant long-term exposure to the chemicals they contain. Research has shown that chronic, low-level exposure can be hazardous to health.

The most common foam, memory foam, is made primarily of polyurethane with various added chemicals. Health and safety concerns about the chemicals found in memory foam mattresses have been widely reported. Some of these include isocyanates, formaldehyde, benzene, and napthalene.

Many of these chemicals are linked to cancer, infertility, developmental brain disorders, obesity, headaches, and respiratory ailments such as asthma.

20-year warranty, excellent customer service

Savvy Rest’s latex mattresses have a 20-year warranty. And for good reason — the overall product quality is the reason for our company’s outstanding reputation. Another good reason to consider Savvy Rest is our responsive customer service, which is unmatched in this industry. We seldom need to fix problems after purchase, but when we do, our priority is to listen to our customers and treat all with consideration and respect.

We are an employee-owned company, and each of us are invested in your positive experience. We know our customers are the reason we can continue to do what we do.

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