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6 Reasons to Love a Platform Bed

Maybe you love your four-poster, sleigh, Shaker or other traditional bed—most people have been sleeping happily on something like these for ages. But if you’re in the market for a fresh new decor, you might consider a platform bed. (And no, they’re not all next to the floor!)

Here are six reasons platform beds have become such a popular trend.

1. No “spacer” needed

No boxspring or foundation is needed to support a mattress on a platform bed. Strong, closely-spaced slats support the mattress, or in some cases a solid platform. Many design-minded people also appreciate the sleeker, less bulky profile these beds offer. Note that slatted designs provide better air circulation for mattresses than solid platforms do.

2. The height you like

Many (but not all) platform beds are closer to the floor than traditional styles. This increases the perceived height of the ceiling and can make a bedroom feel more spacious. But don’t worry—if you still want regular bed height to ease getting in and out, or just prefer it for your decor, you can find many platform models designed to standard height. (Also see A Note on Bed Height, below.)

3. A natural look

The simplicity of a lower bed is reminiscent of Asian decor, and for many people it conjures up a more grounded, elemental atmosphere for sleep. Something about rolling to your feet from a low platform bed makes heading for the yoga mat or into your morning stretch routine feel right. Many platform bed designers incorporate natural materials and nontoxic finishes that enhance a natural bedroom theme.

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4. Simple storage

Some platform beds are available with optional or built-in drawers or shelves under the bed. These maximize storage and help you reduce bedroom clutter—an important measure for sounder, more restful sleep. You might even use underbed drawers instead of a separate dresser, whether because you like a minimalist aesthetic or simply want to increase floor space in a small bedroom.

5. Strength and durability

Unlike a boxspring, which will sag in time as its coils lose strength, a well-built platform bed will last indefinitely and support generations of sleepers. It’s important that the slats be thick enough to support the combined weight of mattress and people, and that the frame’s connectors be strong. Avoid glue and staple construction, which often develops squeaks. Choose high-quality materials and construction and your platform bed should last for many, many years.

6. Adaptable to your budget

Depending on the manufacturer, materials and design, platform beds can be inexpensive or high-end. Their simple function makes them a versatile opportunity for furniture designers. There are countless styles available, from basic models with or without headboards to dazzling concepts for a contemporary home. What’s most important is to choose a brand that is well made from beautiful, reliable materials.

That’s your platform bed primer. Enjoy your new bed, and remember, too—a platform bed is a perfect support for a natural latex mattress. That’s the very best “foundation” for a good night’s sleep!

A Note on Bed Height: Do you love your non-platform bed or frame but just wish you could change the height? You can! A Savvy Rest foundation can be customized to any height between three and 12 inches. (Five- or 9-inch foundations are standard.) Or, if you’re enjoying the comfort of a new mattress topper but not the inches it adds, a custom foundation can create or restore the exact bed height you need.
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