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Why Savvy Rest

Here’s how we stand apart

Did you know we spend a third of our lives sleeping? That’s why it’s so important to opt for an organic mattress that is both comfortable and healthy.

Savvy Rest offers GOTS-certified organic mattresses that are totally customizable and made with organic cotton, organic wool batting, and natural latex (your choice of Dunlop and/or Talalay latex). The wool acts as a natural flame barrier that allows our finished products to pass federal fire regulations. This is how we avoid using chemicals that can cause serious health issues. We also never use pesticides, bleaches or harmful dyes. Instead, we focus on durable, comfortable and natural materials that will help you sleep soundly night after night for years to come.

We didn’t stop at mattresses, though. Make sure to check out our organic bedding and furniture, from our customizable pillows to our organic sofas.

We want our customers to fill their homes with cozy and luxurious items that promote a healthy lifestyle. Natural living starts here.

Purest Natural Latex

We use only the purest natural latex from trusted suppliers that have been independently tested and certified.

organic Dunlop latex

Dunlop latex

The texture of Dunlop latex is quite close to pound cake: resilient and responsive to your body, but not bouncy. Learn more.
natural Talalay latex

Talalay latex

Talalay latex, on the other hand, is softer than Dunlop. Soft Talalay is very like the texture of angel food cake. Learn more.

Vita Talalay by Radium Foam

Our natural Talalay supplier has developed the highest-quality natural Talalay latex foam available worldwide. Radium is committed to environmentally and socially responsible Cradle to Cradle™ manufacturing. In fact, the Talalay we use is Cradle to Cradle Gold certified, the highest certification level achieved in the industry thus far. This rigorous certification allows our mattresses featuring Talalay latex to be certified organic to the GOTS standard—no other manufacturer in the world can say this.

Dunlop by Earthfoam

Our Dunlop latex comes from Earthfoam, a company that has also gone extra miles for purity in materials and more sustainable manufacturing. Their rubber tree growing is certified organic as is their latex processing.


You can check out our full list of certifications here but we’d like to highlight one of the most impressive certifications in the mattress industry: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

GOTS certifications require a serious commitment to the importance of pure materials and responsible manufacturing practices.

Our all-latex organic mattresses are GOTS-certified as a finished product. Our most popular GOTS-certified mattress is The Serenity.

Our warehouse, woodshop, and sewing facilities are all GOTS-certified.

We have thought about every step in the manufacturing process, from the harvesting of materials to packaging the finished product. There are plenty of companies that offer products with GOTS-certified materials, but that doesn’t mean their facilities are certified or that the overall finished product meets GOTS standards. In fact, no other manufacturer in the world can claim that mattresses made with both Dunlop and Talalay latex are completely certified organic.

Another certification we are particularly proud of is the GREENGUARD GOLD Certification.

Savvy Rest has achieved GREENGUARD GOLD Certification for mattresses, pillows, and mattress toppers. GREENGUARD Certified products are certified to GREENGUARD standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air. GREENGUARD GOLD certified products comply with stringent emission levels for over 360 VOCs (volatile organic compounds), a limit on the total of all emissions combined, plus additional requirements for sensitive populations such as children and the elderly.

Our dealers make the difference

Savvy Rest at Moss Envy

Moss Envy

Ryan and Tina own and operate Moss Envy in Minneapolis, MN.  
Savvy Rest at Resthouse


Chris and Dawn run Resthouse in Duncan, British Columbia.
Savvy Rest at Eco Sleep Solutions

Eco Sleep Solutions

Our founder, Michael Penny, visits with Donna, of Eco Sleep Solutions in Eugune, OR, and her son.

Our Dealer Network

When looking at our competitors, you’ll notice that Savvy Rest has the largest dealer network.

Too many mattress companies only offer their products online. Why? Well, there are several reasons. There are unfortunately companies that focus all their energy on venture capitalism and online marketing instead of cultivating relationships with other businesses. They completely disregard the importance of having customers try out products in person and simply push their product through flashy online advertisements. These companies usually have a high return rate on their products since customers don’t exactly know what they’re getting in the mail! Scary, right?

We don’t believe in hiding behind a computer. Instead, we have built relationships with mattress dealers across the country who carry our products so customers can go try out our mattresses and pick the perfect configuration for their needs. We want people to feel the difference between organic and synthetic materials.

Check out our dealer locator to visit a dealer near you!

Our Values

Knowing our values and reminding ourselves of why they’re so important is what keeps us motivated and passionate about what we do. Our employees have a shared purpose and work together as a team to better the lives of our customers and each other through products we’re truly proud to offer.

We value…

  • Sustainability: Sustainable products and a passion for the environment contribute to mindful living, less wastefulness, and a brighter tomorrow for future generations.
  • Community: We practice kindness and mutual respect, and cultivate connections to create strong, empowered communities. 
Savvy Rest B Corp

B Corporation

As a certified B Corporation, our company helps the business landscape to nurture not only profits, but also communities and the environment.
Savvy Rest employee-owners

Employee Ownership

Our customers’ expectations of a positive experience with us and our products is why we, as employee owners, feel so engaged in our work.

B Corp

Savvy Rest is a certified Benefit Corporation, meaning we value the importance of the community, our employees, and the environment. We think beyond profit because we believe the best businesses strive to positively impact the planet and those who inhabit it.

The Safe Sleep Pillow program is a cause we care deeply about. Our retail division, Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom, reaches out to local domestic violence organizations and donates pillows to the brave women and children who have escaped incredibly difficult situations. Each guest of the shelter receives a pillow that they can take with them when they move on. We can’t make everything better, but we hope our pillows can bring a sense of comfort and sweet dreams to those who are struggling.

Employee Ownership

We are one of just a few businesses that is both a B Corp AND an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). Savvy Rest has chosen employee ownership because we believe every voice matters. It’s important to us that all of our hardworking employees benefit from the company’s success. Every call we answer, every order we prepare and every box we ship, we do with the pride of ownership.


Well, MD
During each visit the salesperson was helpful, very low key, let me have my space to test everything and was super nice. After only a couple nights on my Savvy Rest bed I was already sleeping better and felt the bed was much more supportive than my previous memory foam bed. I did not realize what an improvement a Savvy Rest bed would make in my life. The bed is like magic and worth every penny. I highly recommend the product as well as the company.”

Donna, VA
“I wish we would have known about organic latex mattresses sooner. I have never slept so well and totally satisfied so far with my Savvy Rest mattress, bed frame, and accessories. We had a bad experience with a [generic] mattress that ended up molding from the inside and started to cause serious health issues due to off-gassing of petroleum/plastic products from which it was made from. The importance of a quality and organic mattress cannot be stressed enough to maintain better health.”

Kelly B., MI
“We have THREE Savvy Rest mattresses and we LOVE them!!! They have improved our sleep quality and our health! I recommend Savvy Rest to everyone!”

Bauer, VA
“The whole experience was awesome. I had done some research online and your staff substantiated much of what I learned which was very reassuring. There was no pressure, just information and then total customer service in buying, delivery and follow-up customer service needs. I’m very impressed with Savvy Rest. The bed was expensive but so worth the price. I’ve had back aches for 4 years every morning and from the first night on my Savvy Rest bed there have been no (“0”) back aches. Thank you for what you did for me.”

Jason Cameron, TV Host and Licensed Contractor
“As someone who spends all day on my feet working construction, a good night sleep is essential. Since I started sleeping on a Savvy Rest mattress, getting a good night’s sleep is no longer an issue. I not only sleep better, I have more energy and focus during the day. I am also a fan of the fact that Savvy Rest mattresses are organic and contain no chemicals or produce any harmful off-gassing which can happen with other mattresses.”

Natalie Kay Smith of Sustainably Chic
“If natural clothing or food is a priority in my life, then natural bedding and furniture should be too. It isn’t often you find a business, particularly in bedding, who takes our health and environment into consideration. This is why I love Savvy Rest. Not only are you getting a beautiful product {like the Esmont Platform Bed}, you are owning a piece of furniture that won’t compromise your health and is built to last.”

Shop Now!

A Savvy Rest purchase is worth every penny. You’re supporting an employee-owned business that offers quality, natural products that are made to last.

We hope you choose to add Savvy Rest organic products to your natural home! Whether you’re looking for a new mattress or you just want to start with a pillow, we have something for everyone!

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organic sofas from Savvy Rest

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