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What is a Dunlop Latex Pillow?

A pillow is a key part of getting a good night’s sleep. However, we all have different needs when it comes to choosing a pillow and determining what is comfortable.

When shopping for a pillow, you should consider materials, shape, and firmness.

This blog post will define some popular pillow fills and then dive into one in particular: Dunlop latex.


There are several different pillow fills available. Here are a few…

  • Down
  • Feathers
  • Memory Foam (synthetic foam)
  • Polyurethane Foam (synthetic foam)
  • Wool
  • Talalay Latex
  • Dunlop Latex
Contour Pillow with Dunlop Latex

Why Dunlop?

Dunlop latex is a natural alternative to synthetic foams.

Latex sap is harvested from rubber trees. This sap is then baked to eventually create cozy mattresses and pillows without harsh chemicals or toxic off gassing.

Dunlop latex is incredibly comfortable and supportive, which is why it’s a popular choice when shopping for a formed pillow.

We recommend opting for Dunlop latex that is GOLS-certified (Global Organic Latex Standard).

Organic latex pillow

Savvy Rest Dunlop Latex Pillows 

Savvy Rest offers two organic Dunlop latex pillows:

Soap-Shaped Pillow

  • Low-profile pillow
  • Soft Dunlop formed latex
  • Medium firmness
  • Great for side sleepers
  • Supportive with a touch of “give”
  • Organic cotton casing

Shop the Soap-Shaped Pillow here.

Contour Pillow

  • Curved contour pillow
  • Medium Dunlop formed latex
  • High-rounded edge
  • Hollow center helps cradle the head
  • Firm neck support for side sleepers
  • Firm feel overall
  • Organic cotton casing

Shop the Contour Pillow here.

Improve Your Sleep Today

Get the healthy sleep you deserve. Try one of our Dunlop pillows!

Not sure if Dunlop latex is for you? We have several other organic pillow options.

Check them out.

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